Love From Lisa Botanics All Bright Day & Night Cream
Love From Lisa Botanics All Bright Day & Night Cream
Love From Lisa Botanics All Bright Day & Night Cream
(Currently on offer in Boots for £2.49)

As nice as it is to splash out on some luxury skincare, sometimes the budget options can offer just as much. I've recently been on the lookout for some new moisturisers - particularly a new night cream that won't break the bank!

My skin is pretty normal; I get the odd spot every now and then and it's a bit dry in patches, but nothing major. After reading some good things about Boots Botanics I decided to give their 'All Bright' range a go. I have actually used the cleanser from this range and really enjoyed using it, but I always seem to forget about Botanics when I'm on the hunt for new skincare. 

Now, the packaging is definitely nothing to write home about - annoyingly both the day and night creams look identical when they're out of the box - but then you do get what you pay for. I'm the first to get sucked in by gorgeous packaging, but with many luxury items you end up paying for that rather than the actual product! 

The cream itself though is a pleasure to use. The night moisturiser is obviously of a thicker consistency, but it still absorbs very quickly and is non-greasy, so doesn't leave you feeling slathered in cream. The day cream is quite a bit thinner, as the photos show, so it sinks in super fast and means you're not waiting ages to apply make up in the morning! Although they absorb quickly I'm really impressed with how hydrating they both feel. 

I also like that they're not over-perfumed or fragranced. The botanics range relies on 'the power of plants', and as a result the smell is very natural and fresh. 

I've not been using these long enough to decide whether they've brightened up my complexion but even just as standard moisturisers they're definitely worth the price tag!

Have you tried anything from the Botanics range?


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  1. Lovely reviews! I just bought one of the night creams (the Ultra Nourishing one) and I love it, there are some amazing products in the range. I'd really recommend the All Bright Cleansing Toner :) xx


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  3. Hey, thanks for your link on Twitter last night. Great post, I have tried a few of the Botanics products (but not these) and always found them to be really good for the money. I need to try an eye cream of theirs.

    Lovely blog by the way :) followed on Bloglovin.

    Hayley @ Tea Party Beauty


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