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It's taken me a while to properly get into Pinterest but now I can spend ages scrolling through pages and pages of amazing photos! I particularly love trawling through the fashion pages. Not only are the outfits gorgeous, but the actual photos are beautiful too - I'd love to get my fashion pics looking like that!

I've recently been pinning loads of bedroom inspirations and ideas. I want to redecorate my room in the next few months and Pinterest is an absolute dream for interiors. I've pinned so many though it's gonna be tricky deciding on one style...

I also like pinning things I see when I'm online shopping rather than bookmarking them. I like keeping them all in the same place so I can scroll through when I'm stuck for ideas!

Do you like Pinterest?



  1. SUCH pretty photos, I hardly use pinterest actually but there is such amazing inspiration on there xxx


  2. I love Pinterest, it is so nice to just sit down and scroll through everything! I am really loving looking at Autumn outfits at the moment and totally agree on the amazing photos!

    Bella x | Miss Bella blogs | Pinterest

  3. Hell yeah, I love Pinterest! It is so entertaining and inspirational :D

  4. I love Pinterest. I usually spend my time pinning recipes and picture of places I want to go or outfits that are cute. They make it way too easy to pin everything you want to be able to find later.

    1. Just went and followed a bunch of your boards. They are so organized and professional looking <3

  5. I LOVE Pinterest, like you said I can spend hours scrolling through pages and pages of pretty things to pin. There can be some amazing finds on there from time to time

    Ashley xx

  6. I am obsessed with Pinterest!!! It constantly steals the day away from me. So bad.


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