Easy Vintage Homemade Bunting Step by Step
Bunting is one of the easiest things to make if you're new to sewing and by using a sewing machine you can achieve a neat, professional finish. It's a great way to use up small pieces of fabric or you can buy off-cuts cheaply from many haberdasheries. Bunting is also a super-easy way to brighten up a room without spending a lot - I loved using bunting to personalise cold, uninviting uni rooms!

You will need: 
24 triangles of fabric (12 plain for backing and 12 patterned for the fronts) 
3.5 metres of bias binding
2 buttons 
thread in a matching colour

Easy Vintage Homemade Bunting Step by Step
1. Make sure you have everything you need including the plain fabric for the backs of the triangles. You can use as many different patterns as you like for the fronts. 

2. Pin one front fabric and one back fabric with the right sides together. Leave the short sides open.

3. Sew down the long sides using a straight stitch about 1cm from the edge of the fabric. 

4. To ensure you get a nice sharp point when you turn the triangle the right way snip the ends away to reduce the bulk. Turn out to the correct way.

5.  Press the triangles and trim the short side to make them even. Carefully apply the bias binding ensuring that the fabric is tucked securely inside. Make sure the triangles are evenly spaced along the binding. Leave about 30cm of binding at either end to allow for the loop. 

6. Fold the ends of the binding over to make a loop. Hand-stitch it securely and add a button to disguise the stitches. 

This bunting was super-easy - cutting out the triangles was actually the most time-consuming part! I love how they instantly update a room and I think they'd make such a lovely gift for someone. 

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  1. This is so cute it makes for such a pretty present, I've got one saying JESS but nowhere to put it up yet but I love it xxx

    Blonde of carbs

  2. I love these! I really want to make some for our kitchen but never seem to get around to it! xx

    Jasmin Charlotte | Palette Giveaway

  3. Great tutorial, thanks for sharing! I definitely want to try this, it would be perfect for a nursery I am designing at the moment!


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