Love From Lisa Transitional Pieces: Lightweight Jackets

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Fashion between seasons can be quite tricky. Although it's definitely getting cooler and the nights are getting longer, it's not quite time to start shopping parkas and woolly jumpers. Over the next few weeks I'll take you through the key transitional pieces I'll be wearing in the lead up to autumn. 

A lightweight jacket is definitely a must-have item for September. A classic style that can be thrown over anything is a perfect transitional piece. This season it's all about duster coats which are full-length, lightweight jackets without buttons. I love these in pale pinks and blues - ideal as pastel shades are set to last through 'till winter! 

If you're after a more classic style the trench coat is perfect for this in-between season. If you invest in a good one it'll last for years and years and not date! These jackets are great for throwing over dresses now and layering up with thick jumpers as the weather gets colder.

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  1. i LOVVVE these I have the new look one bottom left and am becoming a little obsessed with checks on coats they are so cute xxx

    Blonde of carbs

  2. I love transitional jackets. You've picked a really good bunch! Number 10 is my favourite - so pretty!
    Sam x

  3. I love these jacket, number 9 and 10 are definitely my favourites! H xx


  4. Oh Ive never bought a Transitional jacket, might have to invest in one this year. Number 1 & 9 are something Id pick, but great picks.
    Rumbie|RumbieLove x

  5. I loveee these! The powder blue one is gorgeous. I'm quite short though so it would probably swamp me haha x


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