I try to keep my nails in good condition, but sometimes when I haven't had the time to take care of them properly they start looking a little worse for wear. I have a few essential products that I turn to when my nails are in need of a bit TLC...

Multi-Sided Nail File & Buffer
Filing and shaping your nails is essential for keeping your nails strong. Maintaining a good shape helps them to grow and prevents them from catching on things and tearing. Buffing the nail bed is also important for ensuring a smooth surface to apply nail polish. 

Cuticle Stick & Cuticle Oil
It's easy to forget about cuticles but it's important to take good care of them too. A good manicure can be ruined by messy, uneven cuticles. Pushing them back gently and applying a good nail oil or cream will keep them looking healthy. 

Sally Hansen 14 Day Nail Shields
These are my holy grail nail product. They work like nail wraps, only they're transparent so you can leave them as they are or apply nail polish on top. The strips are pre-treated which protects the nails and prevents them peeling or chipping. I like to use these when my nails are in need of a special treat. (You can pick these up in Savers for £1)

Sally Hansen Continuous Hardening Treatment
Sometimes my nails can get a bit weak and start to peel easily, so a good hardening treatment is a must. I don't use this and the shields simultaneously, it's one or the other. I use this every other day for a week and it just helps get a little bit of growth. 

Soap & Glory Endless Glove Moisture Mask & Hand Cream
Technically this isn't for nails, but keeping skin moisturised is important for overall hand-health! Plus a good manicure needs a nice blank canvas to begin with. This one smells delicious and leaves hands soft and supple.

What are your nail care essentials?

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  1. The nail shields and the hardening treatment sounds amazing, I recently took off my acrylics so need to give them some TLC xx

    Blonde of carbs

  2. The nail shields sound really interesting, might have to give them a go!


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