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I think the perfect summer make-up is simple and fresh. To achieve a natural look, I try not to use too many products during the warmer months, particularly because heat and heavy make-up are definitely not best friends. I've recently been using the same few products everyday to create a natural, dewy base. 

Rather than wearing a heavy foundation, I've been loving the lightweight texture of this BB cream. It definitely has the feeling of a moisturiser and blends perfectly into the skin without feeling sticky or heavy. Obviously it doesn't offer the same coverage as a foundation, but I find that it does well with evening out my skintone and covering blemishes. I also love the tea tree scent! 

As a lover of the Wake Me Up foundation I thought it was probably about time to try the concealer. In the past I've used the much-coveted Collection concealer, but I actually like this one a whole lot more! Like the foundation, it instantly brightens skin - perfect for the under-eyes which is where I need concealer most. It applies well and importantly doesn't leave you with that cakey, concealer look! 

I love Natural Collection blushers for giving a natural glow to my cheeks. This particular shade is a gorgeous dusky pink - perfect for a subtle flush of colour. Plus you can't really go wrong at £1.99! 

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  1. That BB cream looks really good and because it's from the body shop it seems like it would be gentle and good for the skin!
    Rebecca xx
    http://missbeccabeauty.blogspot.co.uk/ xx

  2. I prefer wearing lighter make-up in the summer too! It's nice to let your skin breathe sometimes. That BB cream sounds great, might have to try it out :) I love my Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer, it's a lot more smoother and less cakey than the Collection one xx


  3. I love the natural collection pink cloud blush too :) Definitely going to check the tea tree bb cream! Nicola noodlingalong.blogspot.co.uk Xx

  4. I havent actually tried many products from natural collection, but this blush looks super pretty and natural!
    xprincessjas | xx

  5. I use the collection concealer and the wake me up foundation too, after reading this I might try the rimmel concealer!


  6. I didn't even realise The Body Shop did a BB cream in their Tea Tree range, it sounds lovely! xx

  7. I absolutely LOVE that concealer, I've used it for almost a year and still love it the same as I did when I first tried it :)
    Danielle xo

    My Lily


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