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Love From Lisa Instagram Update Post
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This month I: 
Posted my current skincare routine (find it here) | Found a great bargain in Primark (£5 if you're wondering) | Started doing outfit posts | Embraced spring with some candy-stripe nails | Posted my spring make-up favourites (find it here) | Did a lot of shopping, mostly H&M | Started revising for my finals - of course with some new stationery | Got Coachella-inspired with my nails | Put the boots away and brought out the flatties! 

I can't believe we're almost into May, April has flown by so quickly! I spent most of the month at home for Easter - it was lovely to have a break after finally being able to hand my dissertation in. I had lots of family and friend time and did quite a lot of shopping, so I've got a lot of outfit posts planned for the coming weeks! I'm loving being able to embrace pastels and florals now that the weather is finally getting warmer. My nails have also had a spring/summer makeover, I think my favourites are the aztec ones - they're definitely festival inspired.

One ever so slightly less fun thing about summer coming around is exam season. Summer doesn't feel so good when you're cooped up inside with mounds of paper and a hand-cramp, but I thought brightening up my revision with some pretty stationery might make me super-motivated... 


  1. Ah congrats on finishing your dissertation! Definitely the best excuse for shopping! Gorgeous nails, they look so effective! Good luck with your exams! x

  2. what a lovely post and you are just so gorgeous looking. great post :)
    Amira xox


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