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Garnier Micellar Solution
Botanics Gentle Cleansing Cream
Good Things Five Minute Facial Face Mask
Johnsons Gentle Exfoliating Wash
The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream
The Body Shop Body Butter 

I really love buying and using skincare products and recently I've introduced a few new elements into my skincare routine. Taking your make-up off and indulging in a little bit of pampering is a perfect way to relax and gives your skin a well-deserved treat. I've talked about some of these products individually in the past so I've included links to those posts at the end if you want to read a more detailed review.

I've only recently ditched the make-up wipes after reading that they're bad for your skin (who knew?!), and instead turned to the much coveted micellar solutions. After using up a bottle of the L'Oreal offering I've just started on the Garnier version. I haven't been using it for long but I feel like the Garnier solution is gentler on my skin and it's the perfect product for removing the majority of my make up. Following this I like to use the Botanics Gentle Cleanser to remove any remaining make-up or impurities. It's also really gentle and moisturising and is a lovely product to use after taking make-up off.

I like to exfoliate, but as my skin is a bit dry it can sometimes irritate my face. This Johnson's face wash is gentle enough to use everyday and only contains tiny beads, which means it's not harsh as some exfoliating products can be. It's lovely for removing dead skin cells and therefore brightening dull-looking skin. Once a week I like to use my Good Things Face Mask as a treat after exfoliating. Especially for young skin, this mask uses superfruits as brightening ingredients and because of this smells absolutely amazing! It also dries super quickly.

After washing off my face mask with warm water and patting my face dry I like to apply a good moisturiser. My absolute favourite is The Body Shop's Vitamin E Moisturiser. It's silky, smooth, sinks in quickly and feels really luxurious. I've also included the Body Shop Body Butter as it's also an important part of my skincare routine. I love these - they smell amazing, feel gorgeously moisturising and also last a really long time! My current favourite is the Satsuma one.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream
Botanics Gentle Cleansing Cream
Good Things Five Minute Facial Face Mask

What are your favourite skincare staples?


  1. I never knew face wipes were bad for your skin, I've never had a problem with them! However after reading this I will definitely be trying out garnier :) x

  2. I absolutely love The Body Shop's satsuma line, I'm currently using the beautifying oil. This looks like a great mix of products!


  3. Love the micellar water xx

  4. I feel like I'm constantly searching for reviews on the Garnier micelles water...think it's about time I just purchased it!
    Lovely blog chick :) would love for you to check mine out - danielascribbles.blogspot.co.uk
    Daniela xo


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