3 Spring Jewellery Trends

It might still be a bit chilly to delve into your spring/summer wardrobe just yet, but there are some key new jewellery trends which are perfect for injecting a bit of spring into your look...

Statement Floral Necklaces Spring
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Statement floral necklaces are huge at the moment and you can get them pretty much anywhere on the high-street. They look great with chunky jumpers and jeans or to jazz up a plain day dress. I love all of these, although my favourites are numbers 1 and 3 - the pastel colours are perfect for this season.

Layered Necklaces and Bracelet Stacks
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Whether it's necklaces or bracelets layering/stacking is a key look for SS14. I like this trend because you can be as subtle or OTT as you like with it. You don't even need to invest in anything new - just layer up different items you already have, clash colours, sizes and styles!

Chunky Chain Necklaces
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Short, chunky chains are my final key jewellery trend of this season. Go all out with a huge gold number, of if that's a bit edgy for you go for a subtle black or pastel chain like numbers 3 and 6. I'd wear with a plain vest and chunky cardigan to make sure the necklace is the focus.

What's your favourite jewellery trend this season?


  1. I really like the statement floral and layers look, but statement floral's have got to be my favourite!

    Bella x

  2. I absolutely adore these necklaces sweetie!!!


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