Mini Fashion Haul...

While I was at home last week (supposedly working) I went shopping! I didn't go crazy but I just wanted a few new items to perk up my wardrobe. So I hit the high-street and found some nice bits that I thought I'd share. It was exciting to see all the new Spring/Summer collections in the shops, there are so many lovely prints and colours at the moment. In case you want to check out these bits for yourselves I've put the links to the ones I could find underneath the photos.

I found this gorgeous top in Primark for £8 and thought it was such a great price. I've seen tops like this everywhere but for a considerable amount more. The material feels really nice and I think the pattern is lovely and so perfect for spring. Because of the monochrome colours I'd definitely wear it now without feeling like I should wait for spring. As it's naturally an oversized style I think I'd either wear this with some black disco-pant type trousers or tucked into a bodycon skirt.

Find it here
This top is similar in style but is from New Look and was £12.99. It's the kind of top that doesn't photograph well (sorry about the creases) but is really easy to wear because of its casual style. I really love the colour of it and can't wait to wear it when the weather gets a little bit warmer - it's very light and floaty and probably a bit chilly for right now...

They don't have this exact one on the website, but this one is similar
I've wanted a black leather jacket for a while just as a simple piece that goes with pretty much everything. I found this one in the Dorothy Perkins petite section - because sometimes biker jackets make me look like a child in an adult's clothes... I can't remember exactly how much this one was, but I do know it had 30% off so was about £38! I tried a few different styles on but liked this one best because it has slim fitting sleeves which keeps it looking feminine.

Find them here
Finally, these were from New Look at £22.99. I really needed some new jeans but had got a bit bored of my standard blue ones. I've never worn acid wash jeans before but I really like them and think they'll go great with both tops. I'd like to wear these with white converse or pumps for a casual look or with some black ankle boots and a blouse for an evening look.

I haven't done this kind of post before so I hope you liked it! Have you been shopping recently?


  1. I love the New Look jeans and daisy printed top :)

  2. I really like those jeans! Will have to have a look for them, been looking for jeans/trousers that aren't black or blue

    Bella x

  3. I love the floral print :) Primark has some right bargains recently!


  4. Lovely choices! I love, love, love the blue daisy print top. Too cute!!


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