February Favourites

Love From Lisa February Favourites

Love From Lisa February Favourites

It's March tomorrow hooray! I love March because to me it officially means the end of winter and the beginning of spring. The chances it will snow are dramatically reduced (although apparently it's going to snow today...) and the day lasts beyond 4 o clock because it stays light for longer. But before we get into March here's my February favourites post...

I haven't bought a lot of new stuff this month, one item in this post is a rediscovered item that I forgot I had and another is a product that my mum decided she didn't want - my purse is happy this month!

Botanics Gentle Cleansing Cream
I won't say too much about this product because I actually did a post all about it this very week which you can find here. Basically it's a lovely cleanser that leaves your skin looking brighter and feeling lovely and moisturised. Also it's a mere £3.99, which I think is a great price for such a good product and I will definitely be repurchasing because I'm loving using it.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream

The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream 
This product is a moisturiser from The Body Shop's classic Vitamin E range which protects the skin from environmental damage like pollution and UVA/UVB rays and helps prevent premature ageing. I've been loving using this because it sinks into the skin quickly yet is also really moisturising. It's quite a light consistency which I like because I tend to steer clear from wearing heavier creams other than at night. This is the product that my mum gave to me but I think I'll be buying it myself when this one runs out. 

VO5 Smoothly Does it Frizz Free Cream

VO5 Smoothly Does It Frizz Free Creme 
I've rediscovered this product this month and have enjoyed using it before blowdrying my hair. It's both a frizz-reducing creme and a heat defence creme. I like to not use straighteners on my hair too much, so a product that reduces frizz is great for me and I feel like this one works really well. You also only need to use a tiny amount - too much and it weighs my hair down a bit. 

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation 
I'd been looking for a new foundation to try for ages. I've been using and loving the Rimmel Wake Me Up for a while but just fancied a bit of a change and wanted to try something new that wasn't as shimmery. I was recommended this one a lot on Twitter so I went for it and have been loving it this month. I'd say it's a medium coverage foundation, which is what I was looking for and it does last all day. It gives an illuminating glow without being too shimmery and has actually replaced Wake Me Up in my everyday routine!

What are your favourites this month?


Botanics Gentle Cleansing Cream

Boots Botanics is a brand that I tend to forget about because I don't really hear very much about it. I came across this cleanser in Boots a couple of weeks ago and thought I'd give it a try because it was so affordable (£3.99) and the packaging really appealed to me - shallow I know. This particular product is from their All Bright range which contains natural hibiscus extract and claims to "brighten and smooth all skin types". 

I've been using this product for about a month now after I've washed my face in the morning and after taking my make-up off at night to remove any impurities. One thing I love about this product is that it doesn't dry my face out, which is a problem for me with some cleansers. Sometimes my skin can be quite dry so the fact that this cleanser feels really moisturising is a definite plus. I also really like the smell, it's quite hard to describe but just smells really clean and natural and not at all harsh.

I've definitely noticed that my skin is looking brighter and fresher after using this product. I'm not sure whether I would say it looks more or less clear but it definitely feels great and is a firm favourite in my skincare routine at the minute. It's also really effective at removing any impurities or make-up left on your skin which obviously is a must for any good cleanser.

I'm definitely going to be trying out some other Botanics products in this range... I've got my eye on the toner and day cream! What do you think of Botanics products?


Nails of the Week: Pink Polka Dots

Nails of the week time again! I've gone for polka dots this week using white and varying shades of pink. I think they're really effective even though they're quite simple. Using different colours for the bases and the dots makes them a bit more interesting than normal polka dots. I decided to use similar colours but I think they'd look great with contrasting colours too!

Shades used: The Topshop nail varnish is Waterlily, the Barbara Daly is called Whimsy and the Seventeen one is Pink Lemonade

Let me know what you think!


The Sunday Post #1

Real Hot Chocolate

Sunday night is definitely hot chocolate night. And I'm not just talking instant hot chocolate powder, I'm talking about the real thing! I love getting cosy on Sunday evenings and watching tv with a delicious mug of hot chocolate. This is how I do it...

Warm some milk in a pan until it's hot (but don't let it boil) and stir in some grated or finely chopped chocolate. I think you're supposed to use dark chocolate but I always find it really bitter so I like to use milk chocolate. Let it all melt in together and enjoy the amazing smell! Stir in a couple of teaspoons of hot chocolate powder or malted drink. To make it even more special add a flavouring like caramel sauce, cinnamon, orange zest etc etc. Pour it into your favourite mug and top with fluffy marshmallows!

Real Hot Chocolate

Happy Sunday! 


Mini Fashion Haul...

While I was at home last week (supposedly working) I went shopping! I didn't go crazy but I just wanted a few new items to perk up my wardrobe. So I hit the high-street and found some nice bits that I thought I'd share. It was exciting to see all the new Spring/Summer collections in the shops, there are so many lovely prints and colours at the moment. In case you want to check out these bits for yourselves I've put the links to the ones I could find underneath the photos.

I found this gorgeous top in Primark for £8 and thought it was such a great price. I've seen tops like this everywhere but for a considerable amount more. The material feels really nice and I think the pattern is lovely and so perfect for spring. Because of the monochrome colours I'd definitely wear it now without feeling like I should wait for spring. As it's naturally an oversized style I think I'd either wear this with some black disco-pant type trousers or tucked into a bodycon skirt.

Find it here
This top is similar in style but is from New Look and was £12.99. It's the kind of top that doesn't photograph well (sorry about the creases) but is really easy to wear because of its casual style. I really love the colour of it and can't wait to wear it when the weather gets a little bit warmer - it's very light and floaty and probably a bit chilly for right now...

They don't have this exact one on the website, but this one is similar
I've wanted a black leather jacket for a while just as a simple piece that goes with pretty much everything. I found this one in the Dorothy Perkins petite section - because sometimes biker jackets make me look like a child in an adult's clothes... I can't remember exactly how much this one was, but I do know it had 30% off so was about £38! I tried a few different styles on but liked this one best because it has slim fitting sleeves which keeps it looking feminine.

Find them here
Finally, these were from New Look at £22.99. I really needed some new jeans but had got a bit bored of my standard blue ones. I've never worn acid wash jeans before but I really like them and think they'll go great with both tops. I'd like to wear these with white converse or pumps for a casual look or with some black ankle boots and a blouse for an evening look.

I haven't done this kind of post before so I hope you liked it! Have you been shopping recently?


Nails Of The Week: Spring Flowers

Pastel Spring Flower Nail Art

My pastel flower nails are inspired by spring time this week, although the weather is telling me something different! I forgot to take a picture of the nail varnishes I used for these and I'm not at home to take some now! The green is the same shade I used in this post here and the white and pale pink are from an O.P.I. mini set.

As you can see the flowers are actually just made up of polka dots. I didn't have a nail art pen to hand so I opened out a kirby grip and dipped the end in a blob of the nail varnish to create the dots. This is a great tip I learnt from my sister if you don't own any nail pens! I did the green centre dots first making sure they were spaced out enough to leave room for the petals.

I finished them off with a glossy topcoat to make them shiny and to hopefully prevent any chips!


Sunday Summary

Shopping | Blueberry and Banana Muffins | Heart Nail Art 

Not many photos this week I know, sometimes I just forget to take them and before I know it it's Sunday again and I have 3 pictures - oops! I do want to start taking more pictures though because I absolutely love looking back on them.

I had a week at home from uni which was supposed to mean dissertation, dissertation, dissertation but instead consisted of shopping, baking and painting nails... Some things are just too important to compromise on I guess!

You can find my baking post here and my nail art print post here. Let me know if you decide to have a go at them.


Good Things 5 Minute Facial Face Mask

Good Things 5 Minute Facial Face Mask

Good Things is a brand I didn't really know much about before buying this product. Their skincare range is designed to make the most of young skin using superfruits in their products to boost radiance. I was looking for an affordable face mask and came across their Five Minute Facial Face Mask in Boots for just £5.99. I have to admit I was initially drawn to the packaging more than anything else - they're so pretty and look more expensive than they are!

I use this product about once a week as a treat but really I want to use it everyday. It smells so gorgeous - really fruity and refreshing and glides smoothly onto your skin. I like to pop a thin layer on before I get in the bath after removing my make-up and cleansing my skin. You really don't need to use a large amount to cover your face with this product, I've probably used it about 10 times and there's still quite a bit left.

Another thing I love about this product is how quickly it dries, I get so impatient sometimes waiting for facemasks to dry and end up washing them off before they have. This one really does take 5 minutes though and comes off easily with some warm water. It leaves your skin feeling really smooth, glowy and radiant - it does feel like you've had a mini-facial! It also leaves my skin feeling very moisturised and not dry and tight like other face masks can.

I'll definitely be re-purchasing this product because my skin definitely feels smoother, softer and looks clearer and more radiant after using it. It feels really gentle on my skin and it's such a treat to use it - it smells lovely and feels really luxurious!

I'm so impressed with this brand and definitely want to try some of their other products. I love the fact that they're designed with young skin in mind because I don't like the idea of using harsher products that my skin doesn't need at the moment. They're also really affordable and look gorgeous on my dressing table!

Have you tried any products by Good Things? What do you think?


Blueberry & Banana Muffins

How delicious do these blueberry & banana muffins look?! I found this recipe online while I was looking for some low-fat cakes for my mum - each muffin is approximately 200 calories. I hadn't made muffins for ages but they're surprisingly easy - basically just chuck all the ingredients in and mix 'em up!

You will need:
300g self raising flour
1 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda 
100g light muscovado sugar (plus extra for sprinkling) 
50g porridge oats (plus extra for sprinkling)
2 ripe bananas
284ml carton buttermilk*
5 tbsp olive oil
2 egg whites
150g punnet blueberries 

* I completely forgot to buy this so I looked online for alternatives and found that if you combine 3/4 cup of plain yoghurt with 1/4 cup of milk it works as a substitute for buttermilk.

Preheat the oven to 180C/Gas 4 and line a 12 hole muffin tin with paper cases. Put the flour and bicarbonate of soda into a bowl. Pour in the sugar and porridge oats. In a separate bowl mash the bananas until almost smooth (the riper the bananas the better!). Stir the buttermilk (or yoghurt and milk), oil and egg whites into the bananas and mix until combined.

Make a well in the centre of the flour mixture and pour the liquid into it. Stir with a wooden spoon being careful not to over-mix - it's supposed to be really lumpy, as you can see below! Tip in the blueberries and briefly mix in.

Divide the mixture between the 12 paper cases. It looks like a lot of mixture for only 12 muffins but they're supposed to be really full and I was surprised that I actually used it all up! Try and make sure the berries are evenly distributed between the cases. Sprinkle the tops with the extra sugar and extra oats.

Bake for approximately 20 minutes or until they're a nice golden brown colour. They will smell amazing whilst they cook! Leave them to cool in the tin for five minutes before lifting them out and placing on a wire rack to cool completely.

Finally - eat them and enjoy them! The yoghurt and milk I used made the muffins really light and not at all stodgy like they can sometimes be. The blueberries are also delicious and it's a nice surprise to bite into one in the centre!

Hope you liked this recipe, let me know if you decide to give them a go! 


Wednesday Wishlist

I've decided to start a new feature called 'Wednesday Wishlist' of (yep you guessed it) all the things I'm lusting after at the moment! I was going to do 'This Week I'm Loving' like last week, but I quickly realised that they all seemed to be things that I want, so a wishlist seemed to make more sense...
Bright Candy Coloured Handbags
1. Accessorize Satchel | 2. Accessorize Bag | 3. Topshop Satchel 
I'm really looking forward to spring and definitely want a candy coloured bag to brighten up my look. These are also great for fitting in with the pastel trend that's huge for spring/summer. I'd team them with jeans and a jumper or I also think they'd look great with a monochrome dress.

Black New Look Biker Jacket
New Look Biker Jacket
I really want some investment pieces for my wardrobe - items that are stylish, that go with everything and that will see me through to spring. This black jacket from New Look fits the bill perfectly. I've been looking for a jacket to wear with skirts and dresses and I've definitely fallen for this one!

Fashion Rings
1. H&M Ring Stack | 2. Dorothy Perkins Midi Rings | 3. New Look Ring Stack
I'm loving all the ring stacks you can get on the high street at the moment, I'm not sure how I feel about midi rings though - I don't know if they'd suit me. I do want to start wearing more jewellery every day because it's a really great way to style your look without spending a lot!

Natural Eyeshadow Palettes
1. Stila Natural Palette | 2. Elf Natural Palette | 3. Sleek Natural Palette 
I'm loving these eyeshadow palettes because they look perfect for creating simple, natural daytime looks. I much prefer palettes to single colours because everything you need is all in one place. I like the fact that these palettes include a combination of shimmer and matte shades which means you can create a huge range of different looks!

What's on your wishlist?


Nails Of The Week: Pastel Love Hearts

I'm going along with the Valentines theme this week with heart print nails, but rather than using pink or red I thought I'd use my new Seventeen colour in 'Mint Bon Bon'. Rather than using a nail art pen (I don't have one) I dipped the end of a kirby grip into my white nail varnish to paint on the hearts. I then made them super glossy using my Collection top coat.

Have you done any Valentines nail art? Leave me a link :)


Sunday Summary...

Boots haul as a little treat | Lots of dissertation reading and writing | Blogging milestone | Chilled evening | Field trip at the V&A | Back home for a week  

I've had a pretty standard week this week, getting into more of a routine with balancing uni work and blogging. Through being more organised and planning my days I've been able to do more posts this week which is something I really want to keep up! I have reading week this week which means I have no lectures so I'm home for some much needed home comforts. It's lovely to have delicious food in the fridge and a clean kitchen - something you don't often find in halls!

I'm really loving Instagram at the minute - I find myself wanting to Instagram everything! Leave me your links in the comments, if you want to see more of mine you can find me here.


SS'14 Trend | Monochrome

River Island Smock Dress | New Look Tunic Dress | River Island Cigarette Trousers | Dorothy Perkins Midi Skirt | Dorothy  Perkins Tote Bag | New Look Shirt | River Island Scarf 
Another huge trend for Spring/Summer 2014 is monochrome - it's literally all over the high street at the moment! These are a few of my favourite picks but there's so much to choose from.  Monochrome is great because it's so easy to wear, it suits everyone and it's very versatile, be it casual, dressy or smart. I'm looking to update my wardrobe right now as we move into the Spring/Summer fashion season and I definitely want to incorporate some of these pieces to update some old outfits.

This trend doesn't have to break the bank and chances are you already have some monochrome pieces in your wardrobe, so it's all about updating them for the new season! There are so many different ways to incorporate this look into your wardrobe, so here are some of my favourite ways to style monochrome for Spring:

What do you think? Will you be trying out the monochrome trend this season?
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