Boots Sale Haul

Just a quick post today about the bits I picked up when I went to Boots last week. I only went with my sister and had no intention of buying anything but the sale shelves just reeled me in! I had no idea they would be so cheap - some were as little as 25p. There wasn't a great deal of choice and some bits weren't so great, but with some delving around I came out with some gems and I spent just under £5 in total!

No7 Poppy King Lip Crayon in Playing
Seventeen Lasting Fix Lipstick in Chocolate Eclair
Seventeen Photo Flawless Lashes in Blue/Black
Seventeen Hide Away Concealer Stick in Extra Fair
Seventeen Fast Finish Nail Polish in Tigers Eye

What bargains have you picked up in the sales recently?


  1. I was disappointed in every sale, this year has defiantly been the worst!! :(
    Glad you found some bits :)


    1. Oh really? I must've been lucky then! xx


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