SS14 Trend: Pretty Pastels

LinksNew Look Top | Dorothy Perkins Satchel | River Island Jumper | River Island Dress | H&M Jacket | New Look Jeans | Accessorize Scarf | Topshop Hat | H&M Boots | Dorothy Perkins Top 

Like a lot of people at this time of year I have little money for new clothes etc, so I was finding it difficult to think of new ideas for my blog. So instead I decided to do some little outfit inspiration posts for the new key trends for Spring/Summer 2014.

Pastels were seen all over the catwalks at fashion week, such as Burberry, as key colours for Spring/ Summer with muted tones and soft materials. I love this look for spring - it's a welcome change from the darker and heavier looks of winter and is also a great and easy way to update your wardrobe for the coming season.

Burberry Catwalk, SS14 
Simple things like swapping your winter coat for this light coloured jacket from H&M or investing in the gorgeous satchel from Dorothy Perkins are a great way to brighten up your day to day look. A floral scarf like this one from Accessorize is also an ideal way of introducing this spring trend into your wardrobe without breaking the bank!

I always think it's crazy how early the shops bring out the summer items because it's just too cold right now! However, I think this trend is really easy to incorporate now even though it's still January with chunky pastel jumpers which are in all the high street stores at the moment or with some lighter jeans. At the same time, these pieces are definitely investments because this trend is here to stay all the way through to the summer, so dresses such as this polka dot one are perfect for staying one step ahead.

I've included a few beige/brown items such as the hat and the boots because I think this trend could be a bit sickly looking if you were to do head-to-toe pastel, and also remembering it is still January so going all out with the spring colours might be a bit premature. I think these colours complement the pastels perfectly and are ideal for incorporating a catwalk look into your everyday, casual style.

What are your thoughts on the pastel trend for 2014?


Instagram Update


I've been quite busy for the past few weeks what with going back to uni and being back in halls, and having lots of work to do again, which means I haven't had the time to post as often as I want to! I haven't done an update post for a while but I really like doing them so I'm going to make them a regular thing - isn't Instagram great?!

This fortnight I've planned some blogposts (sticking to my new year's resolution) and moved into my final ever uni room. I love making my bedroom cute and homely with loads of fairy lights, photos and bunting, and getting it just how I want it. I find it so depressing first walking into a uni room because it looks so plain and unfriendly but once I get all my stuff in there it actually starts to feel like my room!

I cheekily took my sister's Barry M 'Gold Mine Glitter' nail varnish back to uni with me and used it for a night out. It looks great and it's not too 'in your face' glittery but it does take some pretty violent scrubbing to get it off again...

Finally I spent a really fun weekend with my best friends getting up to various things including spending Sunday in Stratford. I'd never been there before but it's really beautiful, we had some lunch, went on a nice walk and of course saw Mr Shakespeare's house!

Hope you liked this post, if you want to see more you can check me out on Instagram!


Online Sale Picks

Links L-R: Accessorize Bag £21 | Dorothy Perkins Shirt £5 | H&M Wedge-Heel Boots £15 | New Look Jumper £11 | Accessorize Satchel £12.50 | H&M Jacket £20

I know a lot of people hate sale shopping - the shop is a mess, there are too many other people doing the same as you and it's generally just down-heartening and frustrating when you go home empty-handed. Having said this I actually like sale shopping because that moment when you find a hidden gem is great - you feel like you've really earned it and there's no guilt!

I never really do any sale shopping online because I normally prefer to see the clothes in real life and sometimes what's on the website and what's in the store differs quite a lot. However this week I've ventured into the online sales to cut out some of the hard work for you guys and show you my favourite online sales picks that you can get at the moment.

1. I love this bag, I'm starting to want more spring colours in my wardrobe now we're into the New Year and definitely want to introduce some pastel/mink shades.

2. I can't believe this shirt is only £5! It's from one of Dorothy Perkins concession ranges called 'Ruby Rocks' and it's so pretty and perfect for brightening up a dull winter wardrobe.

3. I already have some black wedge-heel boots, but if I didn't I would definitely be finding it hard to resist buying these. 

4. Anyone who knows me knows that I can't resist chunky jumpers - I never seem to have enough though! This one is great for the textured look that a lot of knitwear seems to have at the moment.

5. Another gorgeous bag from Accessorize, they have lots of great ones in the sale so it's worth having a look on their website. It's just a great day bag that would literally go with everything.

6. This jacket is perfect for the transition from winter to spring - it's darker in colour as it is still January but it's a nice change from your winter coat. I think it'd also be good for nights out - it'd look great with skinny jeans and heels.

I really enjoyed doing this post and guess what - I have that same sense of achievement without spending a penny (although the more I see this stuff the more I want it all)...

What do you think of sale shopping? Have you found any amazing bargains this year?


Liebster Award!

Thanks to Sweetheart Fashion (check out her blog here), I have been nominated for the Liebster Award! For those of you who don't know, the Liebster Award is awarded by other bloggers to new blogs with small followings but large potential! Liebster means 'love' or 'favourite' in German, so I'm thrilled to be nominated.

Here are my answers to Sweetheart Fashion's questions:

Who is your fashion inspiration and why?
There's not just one person who comes to mind, I tend to just wear things that I like. But I usually go for a more casual style which is similar to people like Alexa Chung, Millie Mackintosh and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

Curly hair or straight hair?
I'll be difficult and go for wavy, I don't like my hair to be too straight or too curly.

What is your favourite hair styling product brand and why?
Probably Tresemme - they're usually quite affordable and their bottles last me ages!

What's in your handbag?
Phone, purse, keys, tissues, hand cream, lip balm, old scrunched up receipts and my laptop if I'm at uni!

What's your favourite clothes shop and why?
It's hard to pick just one but I do have a lot of stuff from New Look because it's affordable and on-trend. I also like Miss Selfridge, River Island and Forever 21.

What do you love most about blogging?
Being able to interact with loads of other people who love the same things I do!

What has been your highlight of 2013?
Travelling around Italy with my best friend in November is definitely one of my highlights.

Which country have you enjoyed visiting the most?
Italy, for the above reason!

You accidentally get food/drink down your new blouse at work during lunch, what do you do to hide it?
Probably go and buy a new one! Or put a scarf over the top.

Do you prefer wearing flats or heels?
It depends on the occasion - daytime I prefer flats and night-time I prefer heels!

If you could travel to any period in history, what era would you visit and why?
Hmmmm tricky question... a nice glamorous period like the 1920s probably. If I could time-travel though I'd definitely rather see the future!

My nominees are:
Abbie - daintylittledreams.blogspot.com
Aisling - bl0ssombeauty.blogspot.ie
Alice - aliceinthelookingglass.wordpress.com
Daisy - daisydaisyxxo.blogspot.com
Gemma - somethingkindacloughton.blogspot.com
Georgia - mappedoutblog.co.uk
Laura - lthornberry.co.uk
Lauren - beautyxdivision.blogspot.co.uk
Stacey - britishheartsxo.blogspot.co.uk
Stephanie - merrymusing.co.uk

If you've been nominated then the rules are: Mention the person who nominated you with a link to their blog, answer the 11 questions, nominate 11 other people with a small following and great potential, and then create 11 more questions for your nominees to answer!

Here are your questions:
1. Do you have any New Year's Resolutions?
2. If you could travel to anywhere in the world where would you go?
3. High-street or high-end?
4. What is your favourite make-up brand?
5. Why did you decide to start blogging?
6. What are you most excited about for 2014?
7. If you won the lottery what is the first thing you would buy?
8. What is your favourite online clothing brand?
9. Trousers or skirt?
10. What is your favourite city in the world?
11. What beauty product could you not live without?

If you haven't been nominated you can still get involved by nominating 11 great blogs and starting it off from there!

Don't forget to send me links back to your posts so I can see your answers! 


Boots Sale Haul

Just a quick post today about the bits I picked up when I went to Boots last week. I only went with my sister and had no intention of buying anything but the sale shelves just reeled me in! I had no idea they would be so cheap - some were as little as 25p. There wasn't a great deal of choice and some bits weren't so great, but with some delving around I came out with some gems and I spent just under £5 in total!

No7 Poppy King Lip Crayon in Playing
Seventeen Lasting Fix Lipstick in Chocolate Eclair
Seventeen Photo Flawless Lashes in Blue/Black
Seventeen Hide Away Concealer Stick in Extra Fair
Seventeen Fast Finish Nail Polish in Tigers Eye

What bargains have you picked up in the sales recently?


How Much Is My Face Worth?

I'm so glad I've finally got round to doing this post, I was tagged to do this post back in November by Alice (you can check out her lovely blog here) but hadn't found the time to do it. I'm really intrigued to find out how much my daily make-up routine is actually worth - I'm a high-street shopper so I'm thinking/hoping I won't be too shocked by how much money I spend on everyday make-up!

(I'm not going to say much about the products I use because I want to do separate posts on some of them).

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation £8.99
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer £4.19
Natural Collection Powder £1.99
Sleek Face Form £9.99

Boots Seventeen 'Brow's That!' Brow Kit £6.00
Sleek 'i-Divine' Storm Palette £7.99
Boots Seventeen Kohl Eyeliner £2.89 
Natural Collection Mascara £1.99 

Boots 17 Berry Crush Lip Stain £4.99

And that's it - my grand total comes out at... £49.02, which I think is very reasonable for a student budget! Lots of the products such as the foundation and eyeshadows will last me a really long time too, so doing this actually made me feel better about how much I spend on make-up!

I invite all fellow beauty bloggers to do this tag and don't forget to leave me a link to it in the comments so I can check yours out!


New Year's Resolutions

First of all, happy new year! Even though January can be a bit depressing because Christmas is finished and you have to drag yourself back to normality it is quite nice to start a new year and look forward to new and exciting things. It's the perfect time to get organised and set yourself some new goals so here are my resolutions for 2014:

Organise my blog
I definitely want to organise my blog better and post more regularly rather than posting a lot sometimes and then having a long break. My best friend bought me this lovely personalised notebook for Christmas that I'm going to use for blogging, which will hopefully encourage more organisation and planning!

Drink more water
This is always my resolution and I never ever stick to it because I find it so hard. I never really get that thirsty and I often forget to drink, especially if I'm busy. But I'm not going to let that be my excuse this year - I never forget to eat so why do I forget to drink?!

Do more exercise
I definitely need to be more active as I do 0 hours of exercise a week. I'm in my last year of uni so I've vowed to take full advantage of living right next to the gym on campus! I've wanted to try pilates for a while so I'm hopefully going to give that a go.

Be more motivated!
This one sounds quite general but I really mean in terms of uni work. As it's my last year I want to put everything into my dissertation and exams so that when I get my result I know that I've done my best.

I'm going to try really hard to stick to these - fingers crossed! Have you made any new years resolutions? What are they? 
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