Sleek Wishlist

Sleek products feature on my Christmas list a lot this year, especially because I haven't actually tried any of their products before and I've heard great things about them. They claim to be high quality and accessible because of their affordable prices, and if these products are as good as I've read then they really are great value for money! Being a student I definitely don't have the money to buy the higher-end make-up products so hopefully I can add Sleek to the list of drug-store brands that I love.

The first product on my wishlist is the Sleek Face Contour Kit Light, £9.99. I love the look of this palette and it also includes the infamous Rose Gold Blush! The colours look really good together and seem like they'd blend together well so hopefully you wouldn't be able to go far wrong with this. I'd love to be able to perfect the art of contouring!

The blushers are the Sleek products that I've heard the most about for being really pigmented and amazing value for money at only £4.49 each. The first is the blush in 'Flushed' which I think looks like a perfect shade for autumn. I really like that this one is a flat colour and would be good for when you don't want anything too shimmery. The second is 'Pomegranate' which, unlike Flushed, is a shimmer blusher. This one was recommended to me on Twitter and I think it'd be a great blush for the festive season.

My fourth product is the Sleek Brow Kit Dark, £8.49. At the moment I do my eyebrows with a dark matte brown eyeshadow but I really love the look of this little kit and it includes a wax too. I think eyebrows are really important - even when I'm having a day when I'm not wearing a lot of make-up I like to make sure my eyebrows are looking good because they really shape your face.

And finally it's the Sleek 12 Piece Shadow Palette in 'Storm', £7.99. I love the colours of this palette because they're perfect for creating both natural looks from the shades on the top line and more special and smoky looks from the bottom line. As I don't own any Sleek eyeshadows it looks like a great starter kit.

Hopefully I'll get some of these for Christmas and then I'll be able to blog about them too! Do you own any of these? Do you have any other recommendations? 


  1. Sleek is an amazing brand and their palettes are absolutely fab! Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  2. I love Sleek eye palettes. I've used a few of them before and the eye shadow has never creased! Definite great value for money! x

  3. I had to point out the brow kit is AMAZING! I know your a big fan of the Seventeen kit but honestly the sleek one is just as awesome! xxx

    1. Thanks for the tip! Might have to check that one out too xx


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