Christmas Countdown: Snowmen Nails

I've been excited to have festive nails for ages, especially after seeing so many on twitter and other blogs. So me and my sister decided it was time to get our nails in the Christmas spirit! For my first Christmas design of the season I went for snow, snowmen and glitter! 

1. Max Factor 01 Ivory | 2. 17 Midnight Sapphire | 3. Barry M Yellow Topaz Glitter | 4. 17 Knockout Red 
These are the bases we used, for the glitter nails we did two coats of the Max Factor and then two coats of the Barry M glitter. I couldn't use one of the new Rimmel Space Dusts like I wanted to because I'm trying to save my pennies, but I think this works really well!  

1. Natural Collection Nail Tip Whitener | 2. Rimmel 080 Black Cab | 3. Natural Collection Antique Coral 
These are the colours we used for the details on the snowmen and the snow. Natural Collection colours are really good for adding little details because they're quite thick so they don't look really transparent on top of other colours.

I can't wait to do more Christmassy nails! What's your favourite festive nails look?

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