Christmas Countdown: Gloves

So I've done hats and scarves, so a selection of gloves is perfect for my next Christmas countdown. I'm really attached to the gloves I have right now, my mum got them for me a few Christmasses ago from Tesco and they have a really thick lining which makes them super warm and they're really cute. Buuut they've been looking a bit worse for wear for a while now, so I figured it's time to let go and look for my new favourite pair.
1. Accessorize, £15 | 2. Accessorize, £15 | 3. Dorothy Perkins, £6.75 
4. New Look, £6.99 | 5. River Island, £12 | 6. Accessorize, £12 
I really like the fingerless ones with the flip-over cap because they're a lot more practical than the mitten style. Although the mittens are fur-lined which is a big plus! Gloves are also a great idea for a little Christmas present for best friends/sisters/mums!

What do you think, which are your favourites?

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