Christmas Countdown: Cosy Socks

Cream Fairisle Socks | Red & White Socks | Reindeer Socks (all New Look)

It's December which means it's now officially Christmas! So after you've opened your advent calendar each day pop on over and see what's on my Christmas Countdown! Basically there will be a small Christmassy treat of the beauty/fashion/food/cute variety, great for prezzies too :)

So the first one is cosy, fluffy, Christmas socks. Who doesn't love a pair of these! They're great for getting in the festive spirit (if you're not already!) and they also make a great stocking filler :) Lots of them aren't too Christmassy and so will be great for when the festivities are over too :) Sometimes they aren't too practical - but who wants to leave the house when it's cold outside anyway!

These are all from New Look, they have so many lovely Christmas socks at the minute, but you can find super cute pairs almost anywhere right now! 


  1. i love that you are counting down to christmas too!:)

  2. I literally LIVE in fluffy socks. I can't wear any others!! x


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