Fortnight in Photos #2

Looking at these photos, I'd definitely sum up this fortnight as food, floods and essay. We've had our first proper acqua alta (high tide) since being here which was very exciting and involved wading around St Mark's Square in wellies! Venice doesn't seem to go as mad for Christmas in November as we do in the UK, so it doesn't really feel like it's approaching, but I've finally seen the first signs of Christmas lights so excitement is mounting! I also went inside St Mark's Basilica for the first time, visited Vicenza and went to the Festa della Salute which is an annual thing with loads and loads of stalls with crepes, candy floss and toffee apples, yum! Apart from that I've just been writing my 5,000 word essay... 

Where I'm staying in Venice - Delicious patisserie - Can't stop eating this - Wellies in the flood - Toffee apple - St Mark's Basilica - Very grand library - Pastel nails - H&M treat - A lovely picture of a gondola sign - Sunny Vicenza - St Mark's Square in acqua alta - Doge's Palace - Work, work, work - First signs of Christmas! - Very tempting chocolate shop

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Studying abroad...

If you'd told me when I first started my degree that in 3 years I'd be spending 2 and a half months in Venice I'd have smiled politely but thought you were crazy. But here I am :) Lots of people study abroad nowadays but I thought I'd share my experience anyway :)

Going to university has given me a lot of exciting, new opportunities and this is definitely one of them. I'm studying History of Art at the University of Warwick and for one term of my final year I get to spend it here in Venice. My experience of studying abroad probably differs a bit from the 'norm' because everyone from my course is here with me - so really it's like one big extended school trip! It's perfect for me because there's no way I'd have been able to/would've wanted to hop on a plane by myself and leave behind everything I know - I'm just not that independent! 

I've definitely realised that I'm a home-girl and that I love my home comforts - going to the supermarket for the first time was interesting. And who knew that Italians don't feel the need for kettles, toasters or ovens?! I've also developed quite a desire to go shopping due to only having one suitcase of clothes for 2 and a bit months. As for homesickness, it's fair to say that Whatsapp, Skype and Snapchat are the best inventions ever - being in constant contact with people that are in a different country still blows my mind!

But I'm glad I pushed myself out of my comfort zone because I've been to more places in the last 8 weeks than the rest of my life put together! My best friend flew out to see me for travel week (a week off from lectures when we could travel to other places in Italy) and we went to Pompeii, Rome, Florence and Pisa and saw some of the most famous landmarks in the world (my Instagram looks so great now). It's also given me a lot more self-confidence, which is probably one of the reasons I started my blog whilst being out here.

I'm really excited to come back to England to see my family and friends, have Christmas (yay!!) and have some toast, but first I'm going to make the most of my last 2 weeks in Venice and hopefully get some more wear out of my wellies...!

Have you ever studied/would you like to study abroad?


Little Spend Trend...

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'Little Spend Trend' is a feature I've decided to start doing to show how to incorporate the current trends into your wardrobe for less! All of the items shown will be under £25 so it's perfect if you're on a bit of a budget.

This week's trend is 1920s Glam which is of course inspired by the release of The Great Gatsby earlier this year. This look is all about more is more - more sequins, pearls, rings and glitter! Even if you can't afford to buy a new outfit you can incorporate this look with accessories alone. It's such a great look for winter and screams Christmas party outfit!

1. Cream Glitter Crop Top, New Look, £14.99 
New Look has lots of great items for the 1920s trend at the moment. This top is perfect because it has both lace and glitter, which is great for pairing with a plain skirt that you already own. I would team it with number 4. It is also available in black. 

2. Gold Glitter Clutch, Dorothy Perkins, £7
I love how Christmassy this bag is! I think it looks a lot more expensive than £7 and would easily dress up any outfit. It would look great with both the dress and skirt & top combo. 

3. Cream Lace Dress, H&M, £24.99
This dress is only just in the £25 budget, but I'm so glad I could include it! The lace pattern is so perfect for the 1920s look and I think it's one of those dresses you'd wear again and again. It's also available in blue and black.
4. Black Chiffon Skirt, H&M, £14.99
This would look so great with number 1 - a whole new outfit for under £30! I love the simplicity of this skirt, it would look great with loads of accessories and some sky-high heels.

5. Barry M Glitter Nail Varnish, River Island, £8
These nail varnishes are a set sold in River Island, although you can buy them individually in Boots for £2.99 each. It's easy to forget about nails when thinking about an outfit, but with the 1920s look it's about adding glamorous details wherever you can! 

6. Gold Tassel Pendant Necklace, New Look, £5.99 
I love the unique style of this necklace - it would immediately add a 'Gatsby' feel to any plain dress.
7. Rhinestone Cascade Earrings, Dorothy Perkins, £7 
These are also great for adding glamour, any dangly, glittery earrings are perfect for this trend. These would look amazing with a 1920s up-do for a Christmas party look!

8. Black Sequin Headband, H&M, £3.99
If you want an immediate way to add a 1920s feel to your outfit then the headband is how to do it! These are everywhere at the minute, but I liked the simplicity of this one. 

9. Black Faux Fur Cape, New Look, £14.99 
This is a bit more special because you probably wouldn't get as much wear out of it as some of the other items here, but it's so perfect for the 1920s and for Christmas! These are great for adding luxury to an outfit. 

10. 17 Stay Pout Lipstick in 'Rule Breaker', Boots, £4.49
Don't forget the finishing touches with this look! A darker lipstick is great in winter anyway, but is also especially perfect for this trend!

Will you be trying out the 1920s look this Christmas? 


Wardrobe Wishlist: November

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I really love the idea of having a capsule wardrobe with classic pieces so that’s what I’ve tried to do with this post. I also wanted to challenge myself to branch out a bit because during autumn and winter I’m definitely a jumper and jeans kind of girl! So the theme for my ‘wardrobe wishlist’ this month is stepping out of my comfort zone which is why there’s not a pair of jeans in sight!

As much as I want to branch out of my comfort zone you won’t get me out of jumpers completely! I like this one because it’s a bit more special with the gems around the neckline. I’d definitely wear it with number 6 as an alternative to jeans! A great jumper (or three) is definitely a staple for me.

Jewellery is a great way to update your look without actually buying a new outfit. I love the autumn colours of this necklace and I think it’d go with quite a lot. It’s a good statement piece without being too in your face.

Shirts are a great alternative to jumpers in autumn and this one is so cute! Beige and black are some of my favourite colours for this time of year. Sometimes I think winter clothes can get a bit dull and boring so this shirt would be perfect for adding some fun to my autumn wardrobe!

This is definitely out of my comfort zone. I love skirts on other people and I used to wear them all the time, but in winter especially it’s just so much easier to reach for my jeans. However I really like this one because it’s not too over the top – I’m always worried about looking too dressy when I wear a skirt. The colour is nice and subtle and although it’s light I think it’s a good alternative to black or brown for autumn (they also have it in 7 other colours!). It’s also a great price and I think the material and belt make it look a lot more expensive than it actually is! I’d wear it with black tights, ankle boots and the grey jumper (number 1).

I live in boots in the winter. I’ve had a pair of brown riding boots from River Island for about two years now but they’re looking a bit tired so I think it’s time for a new pair. I've gone for black this time because I think they go with more. I don’t like them to be too fussy with lots of buckles and zips etc, so this pair is perfect.

These are like a cheat’s version of the infamous disco pants which I've actually never tried. I’m quite wary of them because I’m never sure about what sort of top to wear with them. These look quite a lot thicker than normal leggings so I’d like to try them with a top like number 7. I think they’d also be quite good for evening wear.

I’m really loving tartan this autumn, having already invested in this super-cosy one from H&M. It’s a great autumn print and also adds colour to an outfit. I also really like the style of this top; it looks really easy to wear.

I don’t really have many cardigans because, being lazy, I just find it easier to throw on a jumper. But this one looks really cosy and pretty easy to wear. I love the colour of it and it looks so soft! I think it’d go with pretty much anything but I’d definitely try it with number 7.

And that’s my wardrobe wishlist! I’ll definitely do a post if I buy any of it, or if Father Christmas brings me any! (Fingers crossed)

What’s on your wardrobe wishlist this autumn?


Fortnight in Photos #1

This post makes it look like I'm really well-travelled, but I'm studying in Venice right now as part of my degree and me and my best friend have just come back from travelling around Italy for a week - so that's why my 'fortnight in photos' is way more cultured than it'd usually be!

Best ice cream ever - Pompeii - The David - Sistine Chapel - Sunset in Florence - Travelling essentials - Foggy Vesuvius - St Peter's Basilica - Ice cream in Venice - Colosseum - Pool in Pompeii - Delicious dinner in Florence - Chocolate shop in Rome - Leaning tower of Pisa - Rome hotel view - Piazza del Duomo in Florence

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